tokyo night

it's about human trafficking in japan. in the late 90’s things were still humming in tokyo even after the burst of the 'bubble economy'. a lot of female sex workers have been seen on back streets over the city back then.  a small local area behind ikebukuro station was known for women from different countries and the majority  was from south america. there was no exception in the sense that they had no sooner arrived in japan than they found themselves deceived by job agencies.  “i was told being employed by a trading company in tokyo looking for secretary, so I believed the words and applied it. If I had known what I had to do here, I would never have left my country”, one of the women I got to know explained to me how she ended up in back street life in 'yen' country. they were put under the control of the job agencies that took their passports so that they could not move away before they paid back debt completely. usually five to six women shared a small apartment house. they faced dangers caused by making troubles with the agencies and yakuza, japanese mafia, frequent legal controls by police and immigration office. customers using every kind of violence towards them.