comfort women -  house of sharing

the house of sharing started in korea in 1992 as a shelter for survivors of japanese military sexual slavery.  i lived with ten up to eleven survivors in the house for three years at the begining of 21st centry and photographed their daily lives. the house of sharing is a place to share a personal history of each survivors and meanings of life literally beween them and visitors.  sharing not only contrasting emotions like 'joys and sadness' or 'sweetness and bitterness'.  we must not forget that they have been living their lives in a worry even after the war that the fact that they were forced to be sex slaves back then must not be exposed in public, however the survivors started to come out one after another when they faced expansion of historical revisionism by japan in eraly 90's.  since then, through self-created social movements for the justice for the 'comfort women' they conqured respect and interst from others not only domestically but internatinally, and many of the survivors of the house of sharing led the movements actively in the front row always.        


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