comfort women -  house of sharing

the house of sharing, started in 1992 in korea for survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery and i lived with ten to eleven survivors for three years and photographed, is a place to “share” meanings of life literally.  sharing not only contrasting emotions like joys and sadness or sweetness and bitterness.  “being just themselves as they are and want to be” is the most important thing to be shared between them. they have kept it in only their minds for 50 years after the war that they had been forced to be sex slaves at the time. their lives were like a time bomb which could be detonated by only light touch with your small finger. through living in the house with those who had similar experiences like others they could finally find themselves free from such a worry of being condemned and insulted by societies because of their past. on the contrary, they are recognized and accepted with respect not only for their courage to testify personal stories and experiences in public but also for joining a lot of social movements positively for the settlement of this “comfort women” s issue.  


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