comfort women -  face to face

about 200,000 women were forced to be sex slaves in a variety of ways for japanese soldiers during the asia-pacific war (the second world war) and they are generally known today as “comfort women” of japanese military. those women were koreans, taiwaneses, chineses, okinawans, southeast asians with dutches in indonesia included and japanese.  survivors have been  demanding official apology and legal compensation from Japanese government but it keeps refusing to execute legal and humanitarian responsibilities even though global societies recognize the "comfort women" issue as a serious case of human rights violation and are suggesting that it should settle the case politically before all survivors pass away.  however, right wings like shinzo abe, the  japanese prime minister , and his fellows are manipulating japanese societies to accept historical revisionism without doubt and justifying even its colonization and aggression which brought "ongoing conflicts" in the area today. i visited survivors in korea, taiwan and china and photographed them in portraits.